Picking Fair


Saturdays & Sundays


 August, 2020    10 AM - 4 PM 



Hosted By

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

12131 Oak Glen Road

Oak Glen, CA 92399

Celebrate the much beloved blackberry and raspberry with Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard's 3rd annual Summer Berry Fair. Enjoy meandering through the lush paths of our Woodland as you pick vine ripened berries, tour our historical Farmhouse with interactive activities, taste summer inspired fare, and enjoy the beauty of our seasonal gardens. 

Summer Berries

There are few moments more delightful than tasting sun ripened berries on a warm summer day. Our lush raspberry lanes and blackberry brambles are nestled amongst thick woods and mature apple trees, providing filtered shade for a rest at your leisure. Picking will be available but please check in with a farm assistant beforehand. 

Fields of Flowers &

Seasonal Gardens

Take a stroll through our heirloom orchards, berry patches and flower fields during your visit. Our farm is home to seasonal kitchen gardens that offer fresh ingredients for our farm stores and floral arrangements while creating a rich botanical landscape that nurtures our local wildlife. We encourage you to capture a memory with your camera but do ask visitors not to pick from the gardens or flowers. 

blackberry picking at Stone Soup Farm
blackberry picking at Stone Soup Farm
flower fields at Stone Soup Farm
raspberry picking at Stone Soup Farm

Summer Workshops 

Join us on select summer days for workshops focusing on seasonal crafts, floral arrangements, and fruit jams.

12131 S. Oak Glen Rd

Oak Glen, CA 92399

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