Preserving heritage farms, ARTISAN COLLECTIONS

We know the best way to savor your experience at Stone Soup Farm is by sharing fresh foods and hand-crafted collections, here on our farm or taking a piece of it home with you. That is why we are proud to highlight these regional treasures in our heritage themed marketplace. 


Our farm shops offer a variety of small batch products with an emphasis on seasonality. We infuse our farm collections with a passion for quality that appeases to a sense of holistic living. We seek out like minded artisans, providing sustainable options that are lovingly curated with a distinct selection of fine foods, home wellness and natural body care. 

" When we revive artisanal practices from the past, we also help preserve and celebrate regional biodiversity, personal health and an artful life inspired by nature. "

- John Forti 

The Heirloom Gardener


Part workshop mixed with other naturals makes for our unique botanical studio and apothecary. The Cultivar houses Stone Soup's "The Naturalist" collection of essential oil based soap and candles, along with other aromatherapy products. Incorporating farm grown lavender and florals, our small batch products have an organic sense of place. A space dedicated to gardening essentials, seasonal florals, and handmade wares. 

Barn House

Inspired by small town general stores of yesteryear, the Barn House has a plentiful variety of staples for your home. Select from organically grown fruits and vegetables from our gardens, culinary delights for the pantry, cookbooks, local specialities, and houseware in simple fashion. 

The Box Social

Menu rotates seasonally and always incorporates farm-fresh ingredients. The Box Social Grill offers simple and delicious fare with a relaxed, al fresco ambiance. Enjoy a refreshing meal amongst heirloom orchards and mountain vistas. 

Marketplace Marquee

A truly lovely pastoral experience that is offered exclusively for our large events, our canvas tent pop up offers sweet confections and treats, harvested heirlooms, and interactive workshops. 

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