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Farm to School Tours

As a result of teacher input and our dedication to preserving living history as an educational medium, Stone Soup Farm has developed programs that offer all the exciting experiences of a field trip with the convenience of these workshops brought direct to your location. Our Farm-to-School programs provide real-life contact with the past, while encouraging students of all ages

to reflect on the differences and similarities with their lives in the present.

These onsite programs offer unique, affordable ways to explore

american living history while helping to defray the cost of school transportation. 


Head out to the California goldfields! Explore the life of a pioneer, discovering their trades and skills. Try first hand prospecting along the creek, there's gold and gemstones to be found!

Colonial Soldier_edited_edited.jpg

Traverse back to when our country struggled for independence in the colonies of New England. Students will speak with the inhabitants of the colonies who will reveal their own perspectives and contribution to the war effort.

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