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Come celebrate the apple harvest with us, discovering what life was like working and living on a late 19th century farm. Enjoy the daily adventures of a homesteading family, learning from their skills and craftsmanship. 

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Young Homesteaders 

A taste of the apple farmer's life for our younger guests. A shorter program but still packed with all of the wonder and enrichment.


Frontier Cabin 

Visit an authentic 1800's cabin, equipped with all the daily necessities for a pioneer family. Experience the American frontier through various workshops and activities. 

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California Pioneer

Head out to the California goldfields! Explore the life of a pioneer, discovering their trades and skills. Try first hand prospecting along the creek, there's gold and gemstones to be found!

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Farmhand Adventure

Experience the rich legacy of Oak Glen’s farming history. Visit with our master groundsman who will put your hands to good use on the farm. Help in churning the ice cream for a mid day treat!

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Farm Tours 

Step out of the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that ignites your student’s imagination through our living landscape, inspiring them

to make connections from the past to the present. 


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