Founding Farmers Heritage Tour

Our founding father’s passion for nature and agriculture is marked in their belief that farming was more than an enjoyable occupation; it was an act of political independence. For many years, the American colonist had depended upon England for grain and other imports to sustain their lives. The first settlers were unfamiliar with the unpredictable weather and seasons of New England in which to mark their farming year. For the first century, the American farmer developed from the knowledge shared by Natives and with the techniques they acquired from England. Through their mastery of farming, most American colonists lived off the land and enjoyed economic independence. For our founding fathers, this philosophy of agrarian small-scale farming, was the building block of our new nation. 


“Venerate the plow!”,  were the beginning words of the first American Farmer’s Manual. During your visit, students will explore the domestic arts of early america and traditional farming techniques that began in the mid 1700’s. Get your hands dirty in our kitchen garden and learn about heirloom growing. There’s plenty of work to be done in our outdoor kitchen, you’ll experience first hand the techniques of hearth cooking. Meet with our master groundsman and assist in wood processing, an essential part to daily life on a farm.  


Program Includes:


The Summer Kitchen- Switchel, herbal tea and cakes, oh my!

Integrating garden herbs for drinks

Johnny cake making

Food preparation and techniques

Switchel making, the true American drink

The social role of food in 18th century Colonial America

Washing the cookware and various chores 

Historic Farm & Kitchen Garden- Creating a sense of time and place.

Tending the garden

Work with traditional farming tools

Discussion on historic landscaping & irrigation

Making seed starters 

The Farm Shed- Putting historic trades to work.

Discussion on farm textiles and fibers

Using plants for dyeing

Wool carding and spinning

Dip your own candle from scratch

Games in the Orchard- All work and no play makes for dull company.

Game of Graces

Hoop and Stick Games

Blind Man’s Buff


Grades 3-5, & 8

This program provides a snack and 2 take home crafts for each student. 

Student Cost $15.00        Chaperone Cost $10.00

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