Farm Artisanal Products

We know that the best way to savor the experience on the farm is by taking a piece of it home with you. That is why we are proud to offer our hand-crafted essential oil soaps, made right here at Stone Soup Farm. 


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" When we revive artisanal practices from the past, we also help preserve and celebrate regional biodiversity, personal health and an artful life inspired by nature. "

- John Forti 

Rose & Mint Bar
Harvest Spice Bar

Reminiscent of a cottage garden, this bar invites the senses with lush floral notes and heirloom herbs. A perfect blend that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.


​An aromatic blend of fresh pressed cider, orange peel and mulling spices. This bar will warm your heart during the cool seasons and winter months. 


Chai Tea Bar
Winter Rose Bar

​A fragrant blend of sweet orange and exotic spices, meant to transport you to the street markets of India or the warm embrace of  a cup of chai by the fire. 


Like taking a walk through a snow drenched wood, our bar awakens the mind and soothes the spirit with the smell of fresh winter greens.      


Aphrodite Beauty Bar

​Inspired by the greek goddess of beauty and love, this bar too is born from the foam of  Mediterranean waters. Cyprus bergamot, sea salt and coastal flowers blend together harmoniously for a luscious bathing experience. 

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