U-Pick Apples 

Starting in October


Apple picking will begin Autumn 2020. Please visit our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

The Stayman Winesap - A true autumn apple 

Considered to be one of the finest heirloom varieties around, the Stayman-Winesap is a complex

apple with a robust spice, wine-like flavor and crisp texture. This delicious variety has both sweet notes with a tart finish. Stayman-Winesap's thick skin keeps this juicy apple fresh longer than most other varieties. 

Note: Stayman-Winesap's are a late harvest variety of apple.

Pay For What You Pick:  $3.50/lb.

Admission: No Entrance Fee

U-pick apple picking will begin the first weekend in October. 

Please note that if there are large crowds, a wait time to enter the farm is to be expected. 

Tips & Notes from our Farmers

What to Expect: Stone Soup Farm is home to a 130 year old heirloom apple orchard that provides a unique

u-picking experience. As apart of your visit, we include a 10 minute tour about the history of our farm, some information about our apples, apple tasting and general rules while picking. We ask that no one pick until they have checked in with a farmhand for this introductory talk. 

How to Pick Apples: Surprisingly, there are unique methods to picking apples correctly to insure future growth. We ask that you push up on the apple and twist until the fruit detaches from the spur wood. Pulling often damages our trees and may deter future growth.

 Check Out: Our farm provides apple bags at the introduction talk before picking begins. We must ask that everyone pay for what they pick, including any additional apples that you may cause to fall off the tree. At the conclusion of picking, apples are weighed for purchase. 


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you this season. 

Thank you!

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