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Farming Methods: Our commitment to using organic methods of growing stems from the passion to create an environment that nourishes our bodies while enriching the soil that will feed generations to come. We incorporate diverse varieties of  beneficial plants, fruit trees, and flowers to build a thriving ecosystem and develop farming methods that enhance the way we live on the land.

Why Heirloom? Commercial growers cultivate fruit that ripen all at once, to wait on the shelf for consumers who have come to expect apples visually uniform in size, color, and without any blemish  However, flavor is often a secondary consideration. In contrast, our heirloom apple trees continue to exist here at our farm thanks, in great part, to those of you who like to explore beyond the store shelves and the supermarket. We love our fruit’s uniqueness. With it’s distinctive qualities, you’ll discover these delicious varieties have a diverse selection of flavor and texture, ranging from complex sweet notes to a robust sharp finish.  


Pay For What You Pick:  $3.75/lb.


General $5 (4+ years)

Small Child Free (0-3 years)


Tips & Notes from our Farmers

What to Expect: Stone Soup Farm is home to 130 year old heirloom apple orchards that provides a unique

u-picking experience. As apart of your visit, we include a 10 minute tour about the history of our farm, some information about our apples, apple tasting and general rules while picking. We ask that no one pick until they have checked in with a farmhand for this introductory talk. 

How to Pick Apples: Surprisingly, there are unique methods to picking apples correctly to insure future growth. We ask that you push up on the apple and twist until the fruit detaches from the spur wood. Pulling often damages our trees and may deter future growth.

Check Out: Our farm provides apple bags at the introduction talk before picking begins. We must ask that everyone pay for what they pick, including any additional apples that you may cause to fall off the tree. At the conclusion of picking, apples are weighed for purchase. 


We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you this season. 

Thank you!


 Braeburn - Late Season 

A beautiful late season apple variety that is excellent for eating and baking. Braeburn apples have pronounced notes of nutmeg and cinnamon, making them ideal for fall. This one is tarter than it is sweet and perfectly crisp.

Fuji - Midseason 

These popular apples have a nice snap to the bite with their crisp texture and are perfectly refreshing. Fuji apples are very juicy and are best chilled for eating.

Gala - Early Season 

This warm season fruit derives from some of the finest heritage apples. A cross between a Pippin and Golden Delicious, the flavor has subtle honey notes with a good crunch to the flesh.

Glen Seedling - Early Season

A native cultivar to Oak Glen that makes us proud. The Glen Seedling is a very large green apple with flavorful notes of citrus and pear. This apple is juicy and a perfect choice for baking with. 

Gravenstein - Early Season 

Introduced to America in the early 19th century and a Denmark native, the Gravenstein is a high quality culinary and dessert apple. The extremely juicy, firm in texture with a tart finish, making it one of the preferred apples for juicing and baking. 

Honeycrisp - Midseason 

The Honeycrisp offers a trace of sweet pear-drop flavor with a slight acidic finish. We recommend eating this fruit chilled on a warm day under your favorite shady tree. 

Jonathan - Midseason 

Discovered in New York during the 18th century, these apples are a classic beautiful red apple with a wonderful balance of sweetness and sharp subacid flavored flesh. A great choice for freezing pie filling or apple sauce with its long shelf life.

McIntosh - Midseason 

Without a doubt one of the great North American apples with superb characteristics. The flavor encompasses sweetness, spice aromatics with an acidic finish. The McIntosh style is an attractive blend of crimson and green colors with shocking white flesh. 

Newtown Pippin - Late Season 

A very fine heirloom apple, originally from England but well known to early Americans during the 18th century. This high quality variety is intensely rich in flavor. Starting with zesty citrus notes and developing a full sugar flavor over its long 1-2 month storing life. 

Northern Spy - Late Season

True to form with all late harvest apples, the Northern Spy stores incredibly well and is an excellent dessert apple with yellow flesh, honeyed subtle acidic flavors, and beautiful greenish-yellow skin. Some of our favorite cider blends use the juice from this delightful apple.

Red Delicious - Early Season

Perhaps the best known apple in North America, the Red Delicious is refreshing to eat with a mild flavor, reminiscent of slightly over-ripened melon. We recommend gifting as a sugary treat to a favorite teacher.


Rome Beauty - Late Season

An apple that looks right out of a fairytale, the Rome Beauty has a deep red color and crisp white flesh. The flavor is sweet with a nice zest and is considered to be one of the finer culinary apple varieties. 

Spartan - Late Season

The Spartan is well loved by many for its beautiful colors and succulently sweet flavor that makes for a perfect treat on a cool autumn morning. These apples are incredibly juicy, a great option for cider makers or those who like to get a bit messy.

Stayman Winesap - Late Season 

A true autumn apple and famed to be one of the finest heirlooms around, the Stayman-Winesap is a complex

variety with a robust spice, wine-like flavor and crisp texture. This delicious variety has both sweet notes with a tart finish. Stayman-Winesap's thick skin keeps this juicy apple fresh longer than most other varieties.