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Feeding our future - ORGANIC PRODUCE

From vine ripened tomatoes to pie worthy pumpkins, our kitchen gardens offer a variety of heirloom produce. Tending to the soil's needs through organic practices allows for the most nutrient dense foods to flourish, nourishing our bodies and feeding our future. We are wholly committed to our organic methods, giving our guests the ability to help sustain biological regeneration by eating local, seasonal food. Our family's farmland is dedicated to growing better crops for our communities, integrating the farmaculture mission into the very earth we labor out of love. 


Pumpkins- We've never met a pumpkin we didn't like, especially if it makes a delicious pie. We offer a variety of heirloom pumpkins for your culinary and decorating needs. Our farm grows a small patch of these traditional pumpkins that are available for u-pick and pre-picked.  Visit our Marketplace Marquee for seasonal produce and pick out your favorite autumn pumpkin. 


U-Pick based on crop availability

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