School Field Trip at Stone Soup Farm



Exploring historical trades of the past to incorporate a more sustainable future.


As enthusiasts of experiential learning, Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard has developed educational programs exploring significant historical themes from the unique perspective of farmers, pioneers and leading figures, enriching Americans’ understanding of their heritage. With a hands-on approach to history, our interpreters provide insight to agrarian living while students are engaged in keeping centuries-old traditions alive. 

Experience America's past  on a working apple farm or have living history brought to your location through our Farm-to-School programs. Whether teaching students or exploring the past with family, Stone Soup Farm will leave your group with inspiring memories for years to come.

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Step out of the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that ignites your student’s imagination through our living landscape!

Two kids gold-panning

Let history transform your school as we make camp with living exhibits and workshops!