Exploring  trades of the past that connect children with the natural world.


As enthusiasts of experiential learning, Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard offers educational programs exploring historical and agricultural themes from the unique perspective of farmers, pioneers, and leading figures, enriching Americans’ understanding of their heritage. With 

hands-on activities and primary sources, interpreters engage students in a variety of skills from observation to group collaboration while keeping centuries-old traditions alive.


Our Framework:

Awaken Senses & Wonder - What are the voices, sights, smells, textures, and tastes experienced?

Interpret & Refine - Do I understand and what questions do I have?

Encourage Reason & Independence - What are the perspectives and can they be supported?


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Step out of the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that ignites your student’s imagination through our living landscape!


Let history transform your school as we make camp with living exhibits and workshops!


Explore traditional trades and farming from the past with your family! 


The perfect place for Boy and Girl Scouts to visit and earn requirements toward badges, or just have some fun with their families with our special-themed programs. 

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