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Our 3 acre micro-farm integrates regenerative food production with naturalistic landscape design. Each garden expresses the philosophy that by honoring seasonal rhythms of nature, we cultivate the culture beneath our feet so that ours may thrive above. 

We welcome the opportunity to share our biodiverse farmstead through each season and every stage.

organic apple farm


Ever changing in form, our historic apple orchard presents new colors and shapes from one season to the next. These full sized apple trees are a rare find as many newer orchards are planted with dwarf varieties. Shade from the tree canopy provides shelter for our cover crops in warmer months, allowing flowers and legumes to thrive in wild meadow form. 


Natural play spaces encourage children to understand their physical environment while promoting growth, creativity, and self identity as a part of the greater world. Our interactive play space invites youth of all ages to create art with natural materials, discover miniature landscapes, pan for gemstones along a creek, and engage with diverse plant life.


Tomahawk Toss, Sept. - Nov... included with admission 


Gemstone Sluicing by the Bag

large gemstones... $15.00


Seasonal Crafts

Prices Vary

children's garden
u-pick berries


Secluded paths lead to our cultivated wilderness of lush grape vines, blackberry brambles, cheery trees, alders, and elders, along with many other varieties of dense plant life. This botanical sanctuary is consistently changing as we build up the food forest system, rehabilitate habitats, and define resting places for moments of quiet meditation.


From vine ripened tomatoes to unique squashes, our kitchen gardens offer a variety of heirloom produce throughout the year. Plantings of culinary herbs and florals creates a rich environment for pollinators and people alike. Tending to the soil's needs through these organic practices allows for the most nutrient dense foods to flourish, nourishing our bodies and feeding the future. 


Produce for sale seasonally in farm shop and online.

local organic farm
flower farm


Planted amongst apple orchards and on the edge of native woodlands, our flower lanes showcase a variety of fragrant and rare blooms that reflect the splendor of the seasons. The vibrant display of heirloom flowers creates an effervescent quality that draws in a chorus of native birds, butterflies, honey bees, and hosts more beneficial life. These spaces are both cut flower production garden and dreamy cottage retreat on an intimate scale. 

 Florals for sale seasonally in farm shop and online.

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