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4:30 PM TO 7:00 PM


With every season comes ritual. Our time outdoors influences how we celebrate the

ever-changing flora and fauna that brings nourishment to our tables. Seasonal Supper Club is the gathering and growing of community through artfully crafted dining experiences, intentionally curated with nature in mind. We source sustainably, fostering a spirit of stewardship that grounds us to enduring seasonal rhythms. 

Culinary experiences with a wild heart for adventure, seeking to rekindle our ancestral connection to the land. 



Autumn brings such an abundance of rich ingredients for us to share in the splendor of the season. As a warm welcome, we shake up a cocktail of local cider, botanical gin with harvest notes as the perfect way to begin our evening celebration.

A toast to fall, the fruit that bears, and the people it nourishes!


Chef Charlie Ray is an international traveling chef with Swedish and Black American roots, seeking dynamic fusions through cultural landscapes. Chef spent years in Sweden foraging with family, learning how to live sustainably off the land and embrace the flavors of the seasons. The food is a reflection of this inspiration to indulge in regional ingredients and culture. The craft expressed in rustic fashion; ash pits, smoke, and open-fire cooking.





Apple marmalade, pickled and fresh crudite 


Local bread, farm dips, apple smoked whipped butter



Heirloom farm tomato & basil soup


Burrata of Persian basil, fire dried tomato, and apple balsamic vinegar 


Lightly cured apple smoked cod, caramelized butter, nasturtium leaf

house wine pairing



Roasted pumpkin poached chicken, goat cheese, sage, puffed pumpkin seeds


Aged grilled steak, roasted carrots, root salad

house wine pairing


Charred whole apple cooked in cider & honey,

cake crumble, Italian meringue, fennel

local steamed cider


Beautifully crafted biodynamic wines from regenerative vineyards are the perfect compliment to our menu. From Blanc to Cabernet, our selections balance the flavors from Chef's creations. 



Secluded paths lead to our cultivated woodland of lush grape vines, blackberry brambles, cherry trees, and golden alders. This botanical sanctuary is consistently changing as we build up the food forest system, rehabilitate habitats, and define resting places for moments of quiet meditation. 

We will gather together as one family community, sharing food and laughter from across the table. Farm blooms are incorporated with foraged botanicals, creating pastoral arrangements that embrace the unassuming wildness of nature's form. Soft lantern lit paths lead to gathering spaces where gentle music is played, designed to transport you to a more bucolic atmosphere. 

Fire pits provide warmth and additional light to conclude our evening with conversation. Farm proprietors will share discussion on regenerative farming and localized foodways. 

We look forward to celebrating this year's harvest with you. Please note that this is an adult only dining event. Menu selections may vary slightly, depending on seasonality.

Please bring warm clothing for this enchanting evening with chilly autumn weather. See you on the farm. 

DATE: Saturday, November 19, 2022

Timings: 4:30 p.m to 7:00 p.m.

Cost per person: $150

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard 

12131 S. Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen, CA 92399

Credit & Refund Policy

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard is not able to offer refunds for events after the date of purchase or credit for future events. Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard may make exceptions to this policy in extenuating circumstances at Stone Soup Farm’s sole discretion.

Cancellation Policy 

While cancellation is unlikely, in the event of heavy rain or other circumstances, Stone Soup Farm holds the right to cancel the event. If Stone Soup Farm must cancel the event for any reason, a full refund will be issued to each participant.

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