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Events: Stone Soup Farm features year round events and festivities with all the charm that our rustic farm has to offer. Whether you enjoy attending our major community festivals or prefer a more intimate experience, there’s something to satisfy you, your friends and every family member.  

Workshops: Artisanal crafts and skills enrich our lives and local economies but also help us gain insight to our history. Develop a deeper sense of agrarian culture through our various folk art activities; integrating materials, seasons and customs. 

We look forward to seeing you on the farm.

Apple Blossom Festival 

Summer Berry Picking Fair

Apple Butter Festival

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More Upcoming Events: 

Apple Blossom Festival -Select Dates

Celebrate spring with the arrival of our fragrant apple blossoms and preparation of the planting season with this virtual tour.


Spring Centerpiece Workshop- TBD

Join us for an afternoon of learning how to create lush arrangements using simple design techniques and incorporating local blooms.

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