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8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th.   



10 AM - 4 PM 

Our Farm 

Just miles away from the bustle of modern life,  Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard lies happily situated in Oak Glen, California. The road gently loops around the foothills of Wilshire Mountain to reveal our charming historic farm with its cultivated groves and heirloom apple trees. What began as a seed idea has quickly grown into a flourishing family farm that continues to evolve into a modest ferme ornée, a style of ornamental farming that incorporates the beauty of a leisure garden with the agricultural operations of a working farm. Our lifework is rooted firmly in re-connecting to agrarian living and preserving a heritage community by way of food, traditions and education. 

Hands on Historical Trades

Experience America's past on our working apple farm with a Field Trip or have living history brought to your location through our Farm-to-School programs. Whether teaching students or exploring the past with family, Stone Soup Farm will leave your group with inspiring memories for years to come.

Happenings Around The Farm

 Berry Picking 

Enjoy meandering through our lush woodland paths, while picking vine ripened berries. 

Summer Workshops

Join us on select summer days for workshops focusing on seasonal crafts, floral arrangements, and fruit jams.

Group Tours

Step out of the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that ignites your student’s imagination through our living landscape!


"The restoring artisanal trades of the past to incorporate a more sustainable life inspired by nature."  

  By gleaning from the wisdom of past generations and collaborating with those in common pursuit, the theme of Stone Soup Farm continues to grow and shape through our agricultural practices and the people who work with us. Family is at the heart of our enterprise; we seek to continue a legacy for generations to come. 


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